Floreal Residence

Avoid crowding in hotels - Choose a private apartment

Floreal Residence is located in San Pasquale, a few kilometers from the most beautiful beaches of Gallura and the Emerald Coast.

Thanks to its location, the residence enjoys a beautiful panoramic view stretching from Corsica and encompassing the entire Maddalena archipelago.
Floreal Residence is the ideal place to spend a holiday of tranquillity, sun and relaxation.
The apartments are newly-built and well-furnished, equipped with every comfort and characterized by a warm family atmosphere.
Nearby there are shops, pizzerias and takeaways, which will ensure you enjoy a stress-free  relaxing holiday.

Use our "Credit Floreal" service and do not pay advances or deposits

This year we have activated a new "Floreal Credit" service: you will not have to pay any advance on booking and not even the security deposit of € 350 upon arrival! You do not have to do anything up to 60 days before your arrival, when you will receive an email from us that will give you the choice to click on a “SAFE” link, managed by the banking system. You just have to indicate the details of the chosen credit card by clicking on the link indicated and, upon receipt of approval, we will confirm your booking by sending you an e-mail . You will not have any charge on your credit card and the spending credit on your card will not be changed in any way. You will pay the amount due only upon your arrival at the Floreal Residence.

Use our Nexi "Pay by Link" service to settle your account

If you wish to settle your balance using your credit card, you can use this new "SAFE" service. Upon receiving a link sent to you by Floreal Residence with the amount to pay, enter your credit card details yourself and confirm the amount. Payment will be made without any further formalities.

The management of the Floreal Residence is entrusted to Cosina Sini and to her husband Bernard. Cosina will welcome guests directly at the Residence at mutually agreed times.

Floreal Residence apartments can be booked from April 1st 2023.

You can book directly from the site and get: price, availability and confirmations online
or enquire to:
or you can call Cosina Sini at: +39 345 7918433